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Suzuki GSX-R1000(11-16) Bike Specific Kit

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ConvertiBARS - The Original Convertible Handlebar System
None [+$-339.93]
Black 50mm Convertible Handlebar Set (With V-ROC Technology) Fits 50mm OD Forks
Silver 50mm Convertible Handlebar Set (With V-ROC Technology) Fits 50mm OD Forks
Bike Specific Completion Pack
Front Brake Line-Original 2 line kit 4 inches longer than stock [+$109.95]
Single Line to Right side Caliper - 3.5 Inches Longer than Stock [+$69.95]
Clutch Line/Cable
Clutch Cable - 4 inches longer than stock - by Motion Pro. #04-0307 +4 Inches [+$69.95]
The Suzuki GSX-R1000(09-10) is a confirmed ConvertiBARS installation.
A confirmed installation means that ConvertiBARS, and or a customer, have successfully installed a ConvertiBARS Kit on a motorcycle within the range of years listed above and the rise listed below has been achieved, with or without longer lines, while being able to reach the steering stops without permanent damage to the motorcycle. The year range noted above is only an estimate of the years that the motorcycle appears to have had little or no change to the handlebars and fairing, and so the installer should find similar installation issues as noted in the bike specific install notes. A confirmed installation however, does not mean the kit is guaranteed to fit.  ConvertiBARS is not liable for any labor times or costs associated with the installation or un-installation of either ConvertiBARS or the stock handlebars. Positioning restrictions between low and high positions may exist. See bike specific install notes for other installation and positioning issues.

*Maximum ConvertiBARS positioning capability.
Measurements are in inches, relative to the stock position, and with Proper Length Lines Position restrictions between low and high positions do exist. Measurements calculated with default handlebar below. See Bottom of page for rise capability with stock lines Fore = Further from the rider, Aft = Closer to the rider.
Vertical Horizontal
Below Above Fore Aft
1 4+ 0 2

Important Installation Considerations :
 Any meaningful adjustment requires longer front brake line and clutch cable which are available here. Otherwise a straight forward install with great adjustablity!
Up to 5 " wider and many positions available between the 6" higher and 1" lower position.

*Max Rise allowed with stock lines.
Stock Hydraulic Brake Line     1
Stock Clutch Line/Cable     1
Stock Throttle Line     4
Stock Electrical Lines     4

*ConvertiBARS travel relative to the stock location; measurements are in inches.
5 Stars
I love sport bikes, but with the track ergonomics they are very uncomfortable for normal street riding. One magazine editor called sportbikes idiot savants for this reason. To solve that problem i bought convertibars. They install pretty easily; the upper triple clamp is easy to remove, and makes rerouting lines and cables easy. The front brake line does not really have any extra length and you will need a longer brake line but you can upgrade to braided stainless lines which is a good idea anyway, especially if your bike is a few years old. Bleeding the brakes with new lines was pretty easy after i bought a vacuum brake bleeder kit from cycle gear. The throttle cable can be re routed, as can the handlebar switch wiring. The clutch cable likely will have to replaced with a longer one, especially if you use the convertibars at their full width. However, i was able to make do with the stock clutch cable (narrowest bar position, 3" or so rise) until the bike is going in for a service where the fairing has to come off anyway. These bars come quite a bit wider than the stock bars. They can be trimmed down however, but even cut to the narrowest, they are still wider than stock bars. Not a bad thing though. a great feature about convertibars is they are infinitely adjustable. Within the confines of fairing and tank clearance, you can get the bars just where you want them. The bar droop can be adjusted to several different angles. It takes a little time to get the bars positioned so they feel good and also clear the tank and fairing. On the GSXR I was able to pretty easily get 3 to 3.5" of rise over the stock bars which transformed the riding position. It went from dedicated racer to a comfortable sporty street positioning, pretty similar to the current naked sport bikes. The bike is much more comfortable and enjoyable to ride, especially in traffic or at slow speeds without the hunched over, weight on wrists problem. It is also possible to get up to around 6 inches of bar rise if you want sportbike ape hangers! To go this high, you will need to keep the bars on the widest setting since this allows the handlebar switch modules to clear the fairing when the bars are turned. I previously tried heli bars, which offered some improvement but not enough to really solve the discomfort problem. If you find your bars are too low for comfort, I highly recommend convertibars. They take the pain out of riding a sport bike.
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Reviewed by:  from SAN DIEGO. on 3/1/2018

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