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Yamaha YZF-1000
Yamaha YZF-1000

Yamaha YZF-1000 Bike Specific Kit

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ConvertiBARS Base/Universal Kit
ConvertiBARS - The Original Convertible Handlebar System
None [+$-339.93]
Silver 50mm Convertible Handlebar Set (With V-ROC Technology) Fits 50mm OD Forks
Black 50mm Convertible Handlebar Set (With V-ROC Technology) Fits 50mm OD Forks
Optional 40% "P" status rebate.
By checking this box I agree to comply with the requirements in the "P" Status Rebate Voucher
The Yamaha YZF-1000 has a 'P' kit status. 
This is NOT a confirmed installation.
Be the first and claim the $140 rebate!
The "P" status kit is only for those people who are not willing to wait for us to confirm the installation on their bike, and would like to take the time to confirm the installation on their own. Since all our base kits have passed the R&D phase, confirming an installation is a matter of ensuring a proper fitment and line lengths. If you chose a "P" status kit, we encourage you to order the base kit only, determine the fit, and only then order the proper length replacement parts / lines if needed. You may need to drill holes, tap holes, relocate the Master cylinder(s), and or other things in order to make this kit fit your bike. 

We also offer an optional rebate for all "P" status kits. If you send in photos and measurements of your ConvertiBARS installation, you can receive a rebate.

Return and refund policies apply if the Base Kit does not fit. proper Length Replacement Parts and drilled handlebars are custom parts specific for your bike, and are not returnable.

*Maximum ConvertiBARS positioning capability.
Measurements are in inches, relative to the stock position, and with Proper Length Lines Position restrictions between low and high positions do exist. Measurements calculated with default handlebar below. See Bottom of page for rise capability with stock lines Fore = Further from the rider, Aft = Closer to the rider.

Important Installation Considerations.
48mm fork tubes will require aluminum shim material with 50mm clamps.

*Max Rise allowed with stock lines.
Stock Hydraulic Brake Line     TBD
Stock Hydraulic Clutch Line    TBD
Stock Throttle Line    TBD
Stock Electrical Lines    TBD

*ConvertiBARS travel relative to the stock location; measurements are in inches.

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